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Here at American Pest Control our professionalism and quality speak for themselves. We have been serving the Greater Las Vegas area for over 45 years. Our fully licensed technicians undergo a rigorous background check before they ever step foot on your porch. Our dedication is to our customers through integrity and respect. Trust us to do the job right, price you fair and show you how we keep customers for over 4 decades. If you have a pest problem, call us today at 702-382-6366 and let us show you the American Pest Control difference.

American Pest Control is Fast, Reliable and Experienced!

We continue to set high standards for ourselves so that our customers receive the best possible service. American Pest Control is fully licensed, bonded and insured. Our technicians are fully licensed by the State of Nevada and are trained in the latest pest control techniques, along with the State required continuing education training every year, which insures you to have the most knowledgeable trained Technicians that will provide you with the most effective treatment plans you may need, for any situation!